Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ready for Fall

I have already purchased my pumpkin spice candles for the season. I'm biting at the bit to put out my decorations. I LOVE Fall. However... I have to pace myself. Last year we put out our Fall decorations the very beginning of September. I think I will wait until after Labor Day though. I mean, Labor Day is technically the end of the summer, right?
There are so many things I have in mind for this year.
*Lots of baking!
*Lots of visits to a nearby community with Apple Orchards & Pumpkin Farms
*Bonfires which = the smell of burning leaves!
*My birthday!
*Opened windows
I'm so excited!!!!!


Taryn said...

Awesome. I love fall too. It is always my favorite. i love all the seasons- but fall has a special place in my heart. I don't know why.

Rose said...

I love fall too...hard to believe it is right around the corner!

In regards to the boppy cover, I found minky fabric at my local Hobby Lobby. It was about $19.99 for a yard but I got several projects out of it (although next time I will use a coupon!). You can also order it from for about $13.99. I hope that helps! :o)

Anonymous said...

Fall is absolutely the BEST time of year! That's why Kyle & I chose to get married next October :)