Thursday, September 24, 2009

Autumn at last has come!

I waited to put any exterior decor out until this past weekend, but everything inside has been up since the Tuesday after Labor Day. I have loved it!

We have already had one trip out to Pumpkin country and I'm going again tomorrow! We found this quaint little store that has a 1940's theme. It had been closed down for a couple years, but opened back up 5 months ago. There's old fashioned candies, a soda fountain, lovely 40's themed music playing in the background. They have a little diner too. While we were out that way I picked up a couple pumpkins, of course! And I also bought one mum. Yes, only one. I figured that it would look great in my planter on the front porch for the season. I wanted to buy more and plant them, but the woman said that it's best to buy mums and plant them in the Spring. Once they've bloomed, you cut those blooms off and then they'll come back in the Autumn. That way the roots of the plant will be deeper and it should make it through the winter. So... that's my plan. Phil thinks it's a grand idea because he feels there's less chance of me killing them then than now. Ha! He's right. Hehe. He's also looking at financially. Why spend money on plants that are likely not to make it. He's very right.

We've accomplished quite a bit in the past month. A lot of decluttering and such has taken place. The craft room can now be walked into without tripping over fabrics and the guest bedroom no longer has wedding decor, Fall decor, Christmas decor, etc.... strewn about. It's amazing. I cleaned up the basement a good bit as well. It feels great to get rid of things that we don't really need. We tried to have a garage sale a couple weekends ago... It was a flop. Well, we made $30 so I guess that's not too bad. But we didn't get rid of much. People bought all of our big ticket items. Oh well. We plan on having another one eventually.

My sweeper broke last weekend. I was upset but also excited at the idea of getting a new sweeper! I searched and read reviews and shopped and finally found one. If I had all the money in the world, I would have bought a Dyson! But alas, we do not have a money tree and so I bought a simple Eureka sweeper. It gets the job done for now. We have hardwood floors and linoleum and then 2 area rugs in all of the house. I wanted something that could transition easily from the different kinds of flooring. If it lasts, it will be great for sweeping carpeted stairs or lugging up the stairs in the next home we'd own.

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There is so much I could blog about. And as always I feel I don't have the time to do such. Tomorrow I am getting a tooth worked on-I have a temporary crown. Ugh... how I hate the dentist. After that though we're heading to that quaint little store. So it's not so bad since I have something to look forward to! I guess I shall leave it at this. I really need to work on time management with blogging and such.


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