Monday, July 6, 2009

Baby Bunnies

Last week while I was mowing, I saw something move in the grass. I assumed it was a frog as I've seen many of them in our yard before. I looked a little closer and noticed that it was a little bigger than the typical frog I find. I looked even closer and noticed it was a baby bunny!!
So I went to get my camera and a pair of gloves so I could move the bunny out of harms way. I looked to see if there were more and I found one more just a couple feet away from the first. They were so precious!
Look at the size of the baby bunny compared too my hand. They were so tiny! Their little ears, little thumper feet, and little tails! The second one couldn't put it's ears up yet and wouldn't open his eyes either.
While searching for more bunnies I found their nest. There were 6 of them! So I put both of the little bunnies back inside of the nest so I could finish mowing the yard. Precious little guys.
I've checked on them every day. Two of them had left the nest on the 4th. There was one left Sunday. Today they were all gone. I was kind of sad. I hope they're all okay. I have seen a sneaky black cat hanging around lately. But I don't want to think about it. They're probably growing and hopping around all cute-like as they should. Good luck, Baby Bunnies!


Taryn said...

wow- they are so tiny! I hope they are all safe and sound out in the real world. How cool to find their nest!

Anonymous said...

How adorable!!