Thursday, May 7, 2009

Adventures in Photography

So I've been really interested in photography. I would love to get a really good camera and take a class or two. The thing is I don't want to spend that much money if it's not going to be something I will really enjoy and want to pursue further. So I took my brother's Sr. Pics to see how I'd do and then be able to get a response from people on what they really thought. I have a Sony Cyber-shot point-and-shoot right now. I think the pictures turned out really well though. Here they are:

I have a lot to learn, especially about angles & then editing the photos afterwards. But I'm kind of proud of myself. ;o)

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Taryn said...

This is good stuff my dear! (In my non-experienced opinion!)

shari said...

Great Job!!! They could pass for professional pics. Yeah!!!!!!!!!

Busy Momma said...

Girl, these are really good!!! (I just discovered your blog, so I'm catching up!)