Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Claire loves Pie

I love Claire like she is my child. She has so much personality. Anyway... today I helped with a minister's luncheon at the church and there was some left over pie. I got to bring it home. Yum! So after dinner I got it out and just ate a few bites right off the plate. I was full so I just put it on the end table next to me.
For an hour Claire has been trying to get close enough to just smell it. I know, I shouldn't let it sit out, right? I've been reading blogs, geez. So she has now climbed up behind me and is sitting on the top of the chair, with her head resting on her little paws staring intently at the pie, CRYING! Awe... it's so sad but so funny. Poor baby. I might just take a swipe of the whip cream and let her lick it off my finger. Then I'll put it in the fridge, I promise. Claire loves pie. hehe.

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