Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have been so busy the last few weeks. And yet I feel as though nothing has really been accomplished. Oh well.
*My brother is officially graduated and his party is this Saturday. I've been busy with getting things ready for that. I still have to make a slide show of his Sr. pics and the pics from Graduation night.
*We found out that Phil will not be teaching summer school after all. I'm excited though because that means we get to have somewhat of a summer together. There is a possibility he'll be doing another job though.
*June 16th is our 2 year anniversary! I can't believe it. Should 2 years have passed so quickly? Should I also feel like we've spent a lifetime together already?
*I finally found a great Doctor! Some of the health issues I've been having should be resolved soon. I'm getting blood work done today to rule out a few things. I'm so glad to finally have a Dr. who cares and is doing everything to help me. That's what health care is supposed to be like, right?
*I thought I would have more time to keep the house clean and orderly. Not so. Or maybe I'm just being too hard on myself. It's not like the house is really that messy. I guess part of me thought the house would be like immaculate? I guess if you live in the said house, that's not possible though. And a man lives here. haha...
*I never do bullet posts. Maybe I should do them more often. I don't think I ramble so much. Hehehe.
*The living room update has been postponed. The area rug and entertainment center made such a difference in the room! I had ordered a couch cover and chair cover but neither of them worked out. So we have an area rug with a simple floral pattern and then our chair and couch have a very busy floral pattern. They clash. I'm not sure what to do? The money I would have spent on the covers is now in a "fund" and I think we might just start saving towards a new couch & or chair. Also, I'm not painting until I know for sure what color scheme we will have. That too has changed since the covers didn't work out.
*We're working on the guest room and hobby room in June. They will be our focus anyway. I've been throwing out a lot of junk and the garage sale pile is getting bigger.
*I found a dress for my brother's-in-law wedding. I'm really not a dress kind of girl, but since it's a special occasion I thought I should wear one. I haven't been able to find anything decent. (The people who make plus-size clothes must not be plus-sized. I mean, I kind of knew that anyway, but still. I don't want to flaunt anything. I just want a simple cut shirt, dress, skirt etc... It doesn't have to have horrible bling on it, cut really low, or cut short. Just the basics. If I wanted to dress like I was some little thing, I would probably be a little thing. I want coverage and comfort. Sorry for my rant, but it's truly ridiculous!) So yeah, I found a dress for like $24! I am so pleased!
*I have nothing else to say.

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Taryn said...

Glad to hear that things are going pretty well. Have fun at the wedding!