Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well, I'm feeling a little better. ;o)
I took Thursday & Friday off work. Thank goodness it was warmer and very Spring-like. I had all the windows open both days I was at home. I'm sure that didn't help with my sinuses, but it was great. I couldn't just sit and lay around all day, so I started a new afghan for Claire. I know, why would a dog need another afghan? She loves them and I couldn't really do anything else, so I thought I'd go ahead. Saturday I wasn't feeling all that much better, but Phil wanted to clean and organize. You cannot pass up the opportunity for something like that. ;o) He worked in the office and I worked upstairs. We both cleaned out a lot of junk. It's amazing what you can accumulate in a matter of only 2 years. I'm trying to change my pack-rat tendencies to that of a more clean-slate, no clutter mindset. It's difficult. I find that everything has sentimental value. My first cd case-a purple, plastic bubble case-is being put in the garage sale pile. I debated for over 5minutes if it should be put in that pile or not. I held onto Christmas cards from 3 years ago just because the person took time to write a personal note in the card. I've kept my magazines from the very first subscription I had as a teenager. That's a lot of magazines! I'm afraid I'll miss a tip or some useful information on how to make sugar scrub even though I know I could just Google it. It's truly pathetic and somewhat of disease. I hope to be able to get rid of more stuff over the next month. That's what March is really about for me this year, getting rid of unnecessary things. Oh yeah, I also have over 50 t-shirts that I got free from all of my youth events, school events, etc... that I need to get rid of. I thought about making a quilt, but I don't want to hang on to all of them for that long. I've decided to take pictures of them and then give them to Good Will or the Salvation Army.
Anyway, I'm working on that. I've also started compiling all of my design ideas into one place. I've tracked down all my sticky notes with user names and passwords for my fav. websites and important stuff like online banking and put it all in one place as well. I have this nifty little padfolio/planner that I got from Walmart and I just love it! Other than all of that, I've been taking it easy. Thinking a lot about Spring and things I need to do in the yard.
Hopefully I'll be feeling 100% soon!

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Taryn said...

good for you - decluttering is hard. I am going to try to make a quilt with our t -shirts so I will let you know how it goes!
Hope you feel better soon.