Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I'm starting to feel sickly... the kind where you hibernate under the covers with a tissuebox & hot tea by your bedside. My throat is raw, my nose is running & yet stuffy. My head feels heavier than a bag of rocks & like someone threw them into that bag. Ugh... I'm not sure if it's just allergies or an actual cold. I'll take the usual meds though and hope for the best. All winter I went without an actual cold, I would hate to get one now.
Despite my health issues, I feel pretty cheery. It's a tad bit warmer today and the temp is only suppose to rise. Yippee! If I'm feeling up to it, I'm definitely going to work in the yard this weekend. I saw a few little sprouts of tulips already! I can't believe that the bulbs I planted are actually doing what they're supposed to. I am not sure if I have a green thumb or not, but I sure hope so. I even planted some flowers in one of those Jiffy starter kits. So we'll see!
OOooh and I found out yesterday that we can get a cd w/the rights for our Fall '08 family pics! Woohoo! When it comes to photos, I'm definitely all digital. I will print out a few for frames, but I don't fill albums or anything. I'm thinking about making one of those books from Snapfish or Shutterfly. I did one with our wedding pics and it turned out fantastic.
Well, I better go. I have actually been given some work for the afternoon. Woohoo!

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Taryn said...

hope you feel better soon!!