Friday, March 13, 2009


A Cheerful heart is good medicine; but a downcast Spirit dries up the bones.
~Proverbs 17:22
This scripture has been on my mind quite a lot lately. I've been trying to be realistic with the way I see myself. And if I'm honest, I think that I'm pretty negative. It's difficult to find the glass half full. I usually do, but then I'm not happy about it or grateful that I found a glass half full. I want that glass overflowing. So I have decided to make this my prayer focus for this month, to have a truly cheerful heart. To be grateful for all things, whether they meet my expectations in full, partially, or not at all. I'm also going to pray the God fills my heart with joy. Joy in knowing that I have salvation in Him. That He does good through all things. I want to pray these things so I don't shrivel up and become old before my time. So that my youthful years may be used for Him! So that those around me are encouraged.
Have a great weekend!

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Taryn said...

I have never heard that scripture before- I needed that today. thank you.