Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nothing new

has been happening lately. Just taking it day by day. Today was absolutely boring at work. I completed the work I had, and I've been sitting here shopping online and reading blogs for about 6 hours straight. I feel like my brain has completely stopped working. I need something to do physically.
I have been thinking about getting a hair cut. A co-worker mentioned getting one tomorrow, and so now I'm on the prowl for a cute cut. No such luck yet. All of the images are starting to look the same. I think I need to get some fresh air. There's only 20 minutes left of work though.
I wore green today! I also had corned beef and cabbage for lunch. It was pretty good. I'm only like 1/16 Irish. Well, I don't really know what percentage, but there's a little Irish in there somewhere.
I made a cherry pie on Saturday. I've had a piece every day so far. It's good, but I think I'm ready for something else. Maybe a double chocolate cake! Yum. I don't keep anything in the pantry for those kinds of delicacies. I know my weaknesses.
I've been trying to sort through all of my pictures. I have SO many on my lap top at home. I always forget to clear my camera each time I upload my photos to my laptop. So I have about 6 copies of all of my pics. Does anyone have any tips for organizing my digital photos?
I'm ready to head home. Just 15 minutes left! Hope everyone had a jolly St. Patty's Day!


Taryn said...

I totally need to organize our pictures. I know we have tons of duplicates- but i don't want to get rid of one I need! Let us know what you end up doing.

Kelly said...

I'm the worst when it comes to organizing digital pics!! I have two boxes full of CDs of pictures burnt onto them...that's from the last year or two alone, LOL. I can't imagine what kind of shed we're going to need (guest house?) for all of the CDs that we'll amass during our children's lives...eek!

P.S. Ooooh about a new haircut! I love your 'do in your blog header! So chic and cute! I want a new cut, too. Hmmm...now you've got me thinking!