Friday, March 20, 2009

The Weekend

Tonight we will be going to a talent show. Our Children's church is putting it on to raise money for camp this summer. Last year's was a hoot. I just love watching the kids use their talents. It should be a great time.
Tomorrow morning we're going to begin working in the yard! Woo hoo! I'm so excited. We have some overgrown bushes that need pruned and a few plants to be potted. I found two Grecian urns at K-Mart for $12! They're pretty big and will hold a nice arrangement of flowers. My seedlings are doing well. They're still a little small, but they're doing great. I'm waiting to plant them outside. They need to be hardened first.
Tomorrow night we were going to go to an auction for our local high schools fine arts club. But since Phil's Grandmother is in town, we're going to visit with her instead. It's always so nice to visit with his grandparents!
Sunday we will be going to church as usual. But for lunch we've invited 4 students over and we're going to have pizza, play games, and I'm going to teach the girls how to make banana bread(So far...). We realized some time ago that it's very difficult to get to know our students when there is at least 20 of them running around. It's also difficult to do such when you're following your usual service schedule. The girls I invited seem really excited, so that makes me happy. I always feel inadequate when it comes to teaching these girls anything. I feel like I'm too young and inexperienced, and of course not cool enough. But I'm realizing that God has put me in this position for a reason and I should not worry about those things. I'm doing what I can to follow Him, honor Him, and learn all that I can about being a Godly woman. If anything, hopefully they will be influenced by my passion to live for God.
So anyway, this is what this weekend holds for us. It will be nice to just be at home. This week has been very hard at work and has made me long to be a stay at home wife & mother more than ever before. Obviously I can't be the stay at home mother yet, but that's my deepest desire.
Hope all of those who may be reading, have a wonderful weekend!

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