Thursday, February 5, 2009

Things I'm thinking about:

~The weather - I'm so ready for Spring. I love it when our house is open and filled with fresh air. I also love going from this dark, stuffy office to the outside where the sun is shining and the breeze is blowing.

~Painting - I cannot decide on colors for a few different things. I have wanted to paint the bathroom since I moved into this house and just can't put my finger on the color I want. We purchased a small entrance desk at Walmart last weekend for just $23!! It holds the mail tray and everything I'll ever need to send something off or pay the bills. The only thing is that it's white. I don't do white furniture. Not because I don't think it's lovely, I'm just kinda messy. It's also a stark white which clashes with our bagel colored walls.

~Food - Phillip and I are trying to fix dinner every night instead of eating out or making our usual frozen pizzas. I've tried to think of meal plans, but I'm not very good at it. I feel very limited being that Phil only eats chicken-preferably breaded & fried, and ham in lunch meat form. We're trying to work on getting more vegetables into our meals. I figured we should work on that first before going on a strict "diet" to lose weight.

~Organization - I need this like I need air... I know it takes time, I'm just impatient. Luckily we have made a goal list just for the house and we have even given each task an importance of Red-Immediate, Blue-Needs to be done but can wait, and Green-If we get it done, great. If not, oh well. I'm determined we'll accomplish it all.

~Children-I want one. A baby. So many people are pregnant! It's driving me nuts. I don't want to be pregnant because everyone else seems to be... I have wanted this for a long time, just not this badly. I know that we'll have children when God wants us too, but I sure hope it's soon. Well, I guess I hope it's soon. It is scary to think that one day I will be a parent, but I think that I will be my best during that time. Who knows?

I have been feeling a lot of emotions and chaos lately. I wish I could figure it all out. There's actually a whole lot more on my mind than these few things, but I thought I'd spare you the chaos. Anyway... back to reading magazines, eh, I mean work. ;o)



Kim & Ryan said...

Wow... we are having similar thoughts lately. Except the baby..... I'm not thinking about babies....

But, I'm totally ready for spring, organization and painting.

Good luck with meal plans. I don't know if this helps, but instead of making a "meal plan," I just pick recipes and meals that I woudl like to make before I go shopping. It makes it so much easier to shop when you know what you need. Then, we avoid most quick stops (when we are hungry and buy items that are bad for us).

When I unload the groceries, I make a list of all the meals I can make from the items. I put it on the fridge so whenever we are tempted to say there is nothing to eat and go out or make a pizza, we see there are lots of simple meals to make right in the fridge.

It works for us. I don't think that menu planning would... I change my mind too often.

50s Housewife said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) Love the sweet pictures in your header! You two are so cute!