Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Desk

I had told you all I had bought a desk and wanted to paint it...
It's for our entryway/foyer. It's not really a foyer to me since you walk in and turn left immediately into the living room but you get the point. I needed a place to pay bills from and keep all my stuff for sending off a letter. I love it! We also aren't losing our keys now because we just throw them on top of the desk (I'm going to get a cute little bowl or something) and pick 'em up as we leave!
Here it is before:


It's a grayish-blue. I'm not sure if I like it yet? I'm wanting to change the colors in our living room a bit so I'm thinking of going with cool colors like this. The desk cost just $23 and the paint was $8. Personally, I think I got a decent deal!

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Kim & Ryan said...

It looks amazing! I love love the color! You did an awesome job... and only $23??? That's fabulous!