Thursday, February 19, 2009

Target Bargains

Okay, So I said I'd share some of my Target Bargains. Here they are:
Decorative "Globes" or balls. I have always liked these kinds of decoration, but I don't really have a place for them. Right now they're in a cracked glass bowl I got from K-Mart for only $3 on top of our entertainment center. Works for now.
Original Price: $4.99 ea. Sale Price: $2.49 ea.

I didn't know if I should post this, because I didn't want to look like a copy cat again... (Katie @ Bower Power is using it for her clicker box.) but this is really for my husband. Phil loves boxes, trunks, little places to keep knick knacks... I was going to pass this up, but Phil really did like it.

Original Price: $29.99 Sale Price: $7.48

Okay, so ya'll know I LOVE Giraffes. They had a duvet cover & shams for just $30 in the Giraffe print, but I knew that I wouldn't like it with what I'm trying to do in the Master Bedroom. They had several sets of plates, bowls, and one set of mugs. I decided that I just needed to buy one Giraffe oriented item. If I keep up with this whole Giraffe love, I'm going to need a couple rooms to hold my collection. ;o) I better take it slow.
Original Price: $12.99 Sale Price: $3.24

These little cups are perfect for in the bathroom.

Original Price: $2.99 ea. Sale Price: $0.74 ea.

Now for my biggest Score!! I went on Tuesday to scout out my Target close to work and I didn't figure I'd find anything. But I saw these two pillows and fell in love. They're a beautiful grey-ish color and I just couldn't pass them up!! Right now I'm using them in our bedroom even though they don't match our duvet. They're so plush and silky I don't care if they don't match! Yet, anyway...

Original price: $49.99 each Sale Price: $12.48!!

I would love to hear of any bargains you all may have gotten from Target or any store for that matter...
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Emily said...

I love those pillows. I had my eye on their green quilted bedspread, but never bit the bullet. Now I'm regretting it :)

I got my MacBook in June of 2006. I think that this was a problem on MacBook Pros of that era, but they didn't recall the actual MacBook. I wouldn't worry too much - I was easily able to blow out the small flame. Good luck!