Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I realized that I'm not really a blogger. I'm not really a talker either. I don't usually get my thoughts out in person, so I don't know why I'd get them out on a blog. I'm very much an observer. I like to be able to view something and then do it. Which is why I'm kind of a copy cat and not always that original. I realized this today when thinking about my marriage. Phil and I are doing great right now (This week) when it comes to communication and such. But I realized that I have wanted to have a marriage like the marriages I observe. To an extent, I think it's healthy. I think it's great to see a couple who's been married over 30 years who seem like they're more in love today than ever before. Then you see their bickering, struggles, and such and I think it shows that they're real. I don't want them to bicker... but what married couple doesn't at one point or another? Then there are the couples who supposedly never get into arguments. I cannot stand these people, but at the same time wish I were them. I know, ridiculous. They appear so together and calm. I cannot imagine living like that, and I doubt they actually do. I guess I wish that we could kind of balance in between the two? Phil & I have been pretty open & honest since the beginning, holding absolutely nothing back. We could be considered an argumentative couple. If we don't see eye to eye on something, we sometimes get a little too vocal and people get silent and then it's awkward. Phil's the life of the party and I'm kind of just sitting there, observing. I get embarrassed by his "life of the party" behavior, tell him so and that's when it (The getting a little too vocal) begins. I'm sure people think we never get along. We do get along for the most part though. If we are fighting, it's about how I stink at communication and he stinks...literally. Okay, maybe not literally but he's so messy!
Anyway... those are my thoughts today. Thought I'd be a better blogger and get them out there. Maybe Phil will read this and think of a solution for our status as an argumentative couple.

Another thought: Pampered Chef's i-Slice is the best little product ever!
I just finished cutting my coupons out and it took me less than half the time as usual! I also used it for cutting open one of those pesky plastic packages. You know the kind of package your scissors comes in, but you need the scissors to get to your scissors? This thing it great for that.
I also tried a new recipe last night for a spinach dish. It's pretty good. I made chocolate chip banana bread and chocolate chip cookies too. I'm of course making this for other people, not just us. We don't need it! I will have to share the spinach recipe later.
Have a great afternoon! ~Toodles!

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