Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day & some bargains

So Valentine's weekend was pretty great! Friday after work we went mattress shopping. We have budgeted an amount, and we didn't really find anything that fit into that amount or even our comfort really. I did like the Tempur-Pedic, but wow are they expensive! So we're just going to keep looking around and pray for a good deal. We're okay for right now, but Phil always wakes up with a sore back (His side of the bed is very sunken in) and so we're wanting to get one sooner or later.
We shopped around the mall for a little bit and ran into a couple of friends. Came home, had a snack-ish dinner and watched some DVR'd shows. Gotta love that DVR!
Saturday we started off our day a little later than I'd liked. We were finally on our way to our destination when a woman in the car next to us rolled down her window and started making hand motions at us. Low and behold we had a flat tire! I couldn't even tell! So we luckily were at the exit where we could get off and get it fixed. We of course went to Wal-Mart, it was right off the exit, and it took them over 2 hours to change it!!! I was kind of disappointed. How romantic, Valentine's Day in Wal-Mart. Haha... but it was eventually fixed and we started off on our day again. We have a tradition of painting pottery on Valentine's Day so we went to a new place this year and I loved it! I will post pictures of our painted pieces tomorrow-we've lost the cord to the camera. ;o/
Anyway, if you haven't painted pottery before, please go try it! I enjoy it very much.
We went out for lunch/dinner at a new Chinese restaurant and then to a comic book store (For Phil). We went to a few other places but I got some great deals at Target. They had their Home Design Event products marked down 75%! There was barely anything left, but I found some cute stuff! I went to a Target closer to home on Tuesday and found more! I bought $150 worth of stuff for just $38!!! I am so proud of my bargains! I will post what I got and for how much hopefully tomorrow. ;o)
The rest of the weekend was pretty nice too. Sunday we had a soup & salad luncheon at church. We also had our Jr. High Valentine's party. I made cupcakes & brownies and the kids brought Valentine's and decorated mailboxes. It was a lot of fun! Monday I just relaxed at home, my sister came over, and I cleaned a bit that night. I got a few things really organized and it feels so good! Our budget is back on track (We've kind of been slipping since Christmas)! I felt out of control. I knew that we weren't over-spending or anything because we were still using the allotted amounts for each category, but we weren't withdrawing our cash for the envelopes like usual. Phil was a nervous wreck. Haha... he's kind of nerdy about the budget. Well, I am too. But I'm also a shopper/spender so I think that makes him nervous. ANYWAY....
I will have to post some pics of my bargains and our painted pottery when I find that camera cord! Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Weekend and is having a great week!

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Kim said...

I have never painted pottery and I SO want to.

I'm glad your budget is back on track. That always feels good.

I cannot wait to see your scores from Target. Mine is totally picked over. =(