Monday, January 19, 2009


So for some reason I took up a liking for butter dishes. Or at least, glass ones. Anyway... I went to our local antique/thrift shop and could not find one! I've looked at Goodwill (Which by the way, all you ladies out there who go to Goodwill all the time and find some awesome stuff are lucky!! Ours don't carry nothin'!) and obviously did not find anything. The only thing that caught my eye were some wedding invitations. Of course I don't need those... but I thought I could have possibly used them for my parent's 25th Wedding Anniversary. Then I thought how inappropriate it would be. I mean, you wouldn't be able to tell... but I digress.

So anyway... I am looking for something like this:

It doesn't seem that most department stores or places like Target or Walmart really carry these kinds of dishes anymore. And if a department store carries one, it's crystal and defnitely more than what I've budgeted for this small prize. Anyway... if any of you have any idea of where I could find one of these... please let me know! Especially if it's at a major retail store and it's under $10! ;o) I'm sure I just haven't looked enough. I'm very impatient when it comes to these things.

I did find one item I'm in love with! It was great to see that someone else collects animals: All Bower Power. I should post a picture of my find! I found a wooden giraffe for $4. It's definitely unique.

I went to the Dr. Friday. She gave me some antibiotic for an infection I have in my sinuses. She wasn't sure that the infection is what's causing the dizziness so I am having a CT scan tomorrow night. I'm praying that nothing is found and the antibiotic helps and I stop experiencing the dizziness. ;o) I will post about it when I find out anything.

My party went well! If anyone is interested in looking at the jewelry or buying something you can go here: If you do buy, please mention me as the hostess...Yes so I can get closer to getting rewards! (Maybe that's selfish... but I'd do it for you. I promise! (o; ) They are somewhat expensive... okay, they are very expensive. I spend like $5 on earrings, I'm a cheapo. But there is one ring that I just love! I've tried finding something similar for almost a year and couldn't find anything. So I saved up my money and even if I don't get enough orders to get "reward jewelry" I will still be able to buy my ring. Mostly family came to the party and even though I only had one order from them... I had a blast spending time with them. I also have a clean house now, always a plus.

Otherwise the weekend has been great. Too short even though we had Monday off. I didn't do much today as I was feeling extra tired and dizzy with a headache... That's alright though. We all need days of relaxation. Well, It's late and I've got work again tomorrow. Oh how I hate sitting at a desk. Well, I better be off to bed. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


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Kim & Ryan said...

cute butter dish. I think your best bet would be to hold out and keep checking Goodwill and Salvation Army