Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CT Scan

I had the CT Scan tonight. I have been having headaches quite often lately. I had one yesterday and then during all of today I had one as well. It started getting worst and I had pressure behind my left eye again. I went through the scan which was not as bad as I was thinking. It went very quick and was almost relaxing. But it seemed that my headache was amplified afterwards. By the time I got home there was such a severe pressure behind my right eye I could barely take it and all I could see out of my left eye was blurriness. I rested on the couch, took some meds and fell asleep, only to wake up about a half hour later with an even more excruciating headache than before. I took more meds, drank hot tea, put a warm rag on my face and sat in the dark. I decided to take the hottest shower possible and boy has it helped. I am still sitting in near darkness other than our laptop screens emitting light. Never in my life have I had such pain in my head. I mean... I thought I was going to lose it. But as I said, I'm feeling better now. There's still a dull ache, but I will take some more meds as the doc suggested and I'll go to bed. I'm just praying this will stop soon and everything will be back to normal if not better. Please pray for me too!
Thank you!
Goodnight. ;o)

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