Friday, January 2, 2009

I'm a copy cat

Okay... So I'm copying off of Kim @ (I think again actually) and using her goal list for the new year. I NEVER make New Year's resolutions. I know I'll break them. I am one who doesn't have motivation. Like, at all. But I really like the way this Goal list was set up.
I want to learn: how to study the Bible better, how to be graceful in actions & words
I want to read: the Bible, at least 1 book a month (Very difficult for me, I'm not a reader.)
I want to make: more crocheted hats & scarves and afghans, sewn aprons, purses, and other pieces,At least one quilt and array of other crafts!
I want to visit: Phil's grandparents at least twice other than Christmas, Pennsylvania, and so many other places but I doubt I will in 2009.
I want to change: my outlook on life, Our unorganized life into an organized one, My weight but more importantly how I feel about myself besides the weight.
I want to be better at: living on our budget, Crocheting & Sewing, Cooking & Baking, Being a wife.
I want to do: a lot of purging of things uneeded in the home, a lot more fun stuff on the weekends instead of just sitting around watching tb.
Most of all, I want: Love for others, Hope for our future, Peace within.

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Kim & Ryan said...

We have lots in common for our 2009 goals - crochet, organizing, getting healthy and living on a budget!

WEEEE!!! 2009, here we come!