Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Recent talk...

around the house has been about getting a new entertainment center & a new bed. Currently we have an entertainment center that provides a ton of storage. It's very sturdy and in very good shape. However, it's also bulky, is in a finish I'm not very fond of, and can only house a smaller box television. It was given to us by some family friends. So I'm thankful but I still have my eye on something like this:But there is no way that we could afford this. And we don't have a flat panel tv and probably won't for years. Especially since we just got a car payment and there are a few other things more important to us right now. But it's not like many stores are selling nice entertainments centers for the old style box tv's. We might just ask my Dad to build us something! The only downfall in that idea is that it will take him forever to complete it. He started making my mom a trash can last year for Christmas... has yet to finish it. Haha.

Our other situation is buying a new bed & a new mattress. Wow... I never knew how expensive either of those are! You have to spend at least $500 to get a bed frame that is solid wood and then make sure you get a head board with that too! That might be another $300. And mattresses! Again, Wow! We wanted to upgrade to a King (Not that our tiny bedroom could accommodate, but I might be okay with only having a small aisle to walk around to get out of the room if that means I get more room to sleep!) but it's just out of our league. So we are sticking with a Queen which really is fine. But I really want to make sure we get the bed frame we really like. This too is out of our price range... but Phil thinks we can try building something along these lines... I don't think we're DIY enough. We'll just see!

These pics are from the beloved Pottery Barn. I don't think we could ever make anything that looks close to this. Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe we should just get a regular frame and save up for something like this... I'm just so impatient!


Taryn said...

I know! We just bought a mattress this past year and it was way more expensive than I had imagined. (We did splurge and get a foam bed- and I would recommend it to anyone who asks.) good luck!

Kim & Ryan said...

I love the bed. We bought a new mattress last year and love it. Getting a king was the best decision. My husband built a platform bed for it and I'm going to make an upholstered headboard soon. It's our budget-friendly bed. =)

I think that bed you chose would be pretty difficult with the drawers, but I think that the headboard could be achieved with pre-made trim boards. Good luck!