Friday, January 2, 2009


Christmas was lovely! Like I had mentioned, we spent Christmas Eve with my side of the family. Then we traveled to Grandma & Grandpa's for Christmas day. We left later than we had hoped, but we got there with plenty of time to open gifts before a late lunch. My MIL got me a lovely tea set (Will possibly post pics later) and of course we got Season 4 of The Office! There were a few other very nice gifts but my one of favorites was an ornament! It's of three reindeer, A Pappa reindeer, Mamma reindeer, and baby reindeer...With our names on it. It's too cute!
We stayed up at Gpa's & Gma's until Saturday (We went shopping the day after of course and I scored some great Christmas decorations for next year! We went out to lunch with Phil's other Gma too.)and then came home. On our way home we stopped by my parents for a few hours and opened gifts with that side of the fam (aunts, uncles, Gma & Gpa, etc...).
Unfortunately we found out later that Claire had gotten fleas from Phil's grandparent's cat! She only had a few on her. So we gave her a bath, a treatment, and washed everything she touched! Oh... I still feel kind of itchy thinking about it. Fortunately we keep our house pretty cool (To save money.) and we are hoping none "jumped" off of her. We've swept almost every day, 3 times a day almost since. I never thought I'd deal with a dog getting fleas in winter! When it was like... 15 degrees! Oh well.
Overall it was a very pleasant Christmas and we spent a lot of time with family. ;o)

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