Friday, January 23, 2009

I ended up taking Wednesday off work. I was so very tired, and really didn't feel like being on the phone, staring at a computer screen under fluorescent lights for 8 hours... with a massive headache.
I'm feeling somewhat better. I haven't heard back from the Dr. yet and of course I remember to call when they take their 2 hour lunch break! 2 hours! I just don't understand that.
Anyway... Yesterday I went to Goodwill. I've been trying to frequent such stores in hopes of finding some good deals! And I like to think I found somewhat of a deal yesterday. Flannel sheets from Target-brand new-usually $19.99 and I got them for $8.50. Not too bad, right? I also found this awesome Orangey-Paisley card box. It has dividers for different occasions and an extra pocket for stamps, pens etc... for $2. It holds all of my cards and they're finally organized! Before I just kept them all in this box that was way too small and it was just a mess. Yay for organization. ;o) Along with the card talk, I'm going to the store on my lunch and I'm buying cards for every single occasion we have on our calendar so far. That seems ridiculous, I know, but the cards I already have are for special occasions like births, weddings, sympathy, and so on. So I'm buying cards for birthdays & a couple of anniversaries.
Tomorrow is the day I step foot in Bed, Bath, & Beyond for the very first time! Woo! I've only ever shopped online at that store and I'm really excited to actually go in the store. I have a lot of organizational needs that must be met and I think this store will suffice! I told Phillip to be prepared to hear the words, "I want it!" a lot. I know it's ridiculous to think I've never been there before, but my mother was always a Walmart gal-one stop shopping. We didn't even go to Target! I'd like to think I've done well transitioning into a shopper/bargain hunter... Other than my past, we don't really have a lot of great stores around here. We have to drive at least a half hour to find a store that doesn't say "Mart" at the end of it's name. We will also be going to Hobby Lobby... this store makes my heart skip a beat. AND I have a gift card. Woot woot! I'm going to pick up some yarn for a crocheting project I have in mind. I had told Phil that I couldn't' buy any more yarn, absolutely couldn't. But I am. ;o)
Sorry this was such a rambling post... it seems that's the only way my brain works anymore. I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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