Friday, January 23, 2009

House Pics Before

So... I thought I would post some pics of our house BEFORE we touched it... Actually, these were taken with my FIL's camera phone while he and my husband (fiance at the time) were taking a look at it. Shortly after they toured the house, they bid on it without my knowing! So... I wouldn't have picked this house, but I can't complain! I am blessed to even be a co-homeowner with my darling husband and it gives us something to work on (Other than getting used to being married to someone. Ha!). So yeah... we've done some work on the house since these pics. Not a ton... but it's a process and part of our journey. ;o) Here are the pics:

Our House
This is before Phil pulled out the little fence around the front of the bushes. The posts were hammered about 3 feet into the ground. There are actually still a few posts that we can't get out, we're waiting for softer ground. We are thinking of either painting the awnings(Cheapo solution) or taking them off and putting up shutters. What do ya'll think?The Living Room with all of the previous owners furnitureThe Kitchen... is has been painted and my dad put in new cabinets, counter top, new sink, etc... Pictures to come.The kitchen from the doorway.Our Bathroom-The one and only. We haven't done much in here... YET! It's one of my goals to work on this year.This is the "Office" and it's really really small. I do believe it was meant to be a nursery. I suppose it will be perfect for that, when that time comes.The "Master" Bedroom, if you can call it that. Right now we have a Queen size bed in it and there's not much else you can put in there...
The Stairway-This leads up to two small bedrooms and a small cedar lined closet. Almost Narnia-ish. Haha...This is our Hobby room. Phil likes to refer to it as our "studio" Not much happens up here since we're trying to keep costs low and only heat the main floor. But this spring I'm sure I'll be up there zipping along on my sewing machine. Oh and this very bright neon green has been exchanged for a bright blue... didn't realize it would be so bright when looking at the paint chip. Oh well.
There is another room upstairs that I don't have a before picture for. But we haven't done a single thing in that room yet because, well... money is tight. Plus it has kind of become the room where we put all things that don't have a place yet.
This is the basement. It's a mess. Like I wish I never had to go down there mess. Most of the stuff you see in the picture has been removed. However now it holds all of the boxes from appliances, the cabinets, the fridge, microwave, small appliances etc... we really need to give it a good cleaning. I'm afraid this task is last on my list however. Does anyone have a power washer we can borrow? This poor basement has taken on about 60 years of filth. Ick!
That concludes the BEFORE of our home... The AFTERS are to come!

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Kim & Ryan said...

What an adorable home! I bid on our home without Ryan seeing it. =) Thank goodness he trusted me. We had lost out on several homes so I didn't wanna chance it. So glad I did.

I think the awnings vs. shutters depends on if there is a lot of sun coming into the front windows. If the awnings serve a purpose, I say paint them. If not, add shutters. I love shutters, particularly wooden ones that have the square patters (as opposed to the "shuttered" ones). That will be fabulous.

I cannot wait to see the after kitchen photos.

How awesome that you have 2 more bedrooms upstairs? I love the green color in the studio. Super cute!