Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A few afters...

I posted a few before pics the other day of our home. So here are a few after pics or really, in progress pictures. Now I just want to explain that everything done was to pretty much get us in the house. The kitchen is not actually completed. We still need a toe kick for under the cabinets and one of the windows has not been re framed. I have also decided that I don't actually like the colors chosen for the kitchen. One other thing... I'm not Mrs. Hyper Homemaker. My house is clean, but is definitely lived in and often not spotless.

This above picture is of the kitchen. As you can see below I do not have much counter top space. The window in the picture below is the one that needs to be re framed. To the right of the sink there are a two cabinets up top and two below. The counter top area holds our microwave and there's just enough room for my dish drainer. My counter top... we went with Formica. We didn't see a reason to put something super nice since there is very little room to expand and as terrible as this sounds, we figure the next owners my just gut it, and perhaps expand out into the backyard. We personally don't have the $ or time to do such a thing so we didn't. Anyway... I am pleased with the counter top we did chose. I think it goes well with the cabinets. If only we could have stainless appliances!

This is the other side of the kitchen. We are currently using the table and benches Phillip's parents used when he was little. We aren't really sure what kind of table and chairs would best go here? Round? Square? The writing on the wall is from Uppercase Living. It was all one line and I didn't really know where to put it so I cut it into three sections and put it on the wall this way hoping it would fill the space. Like I said, I don't really like the colors I chose when we first got the house. Since we've been there almost two years, I've had the chance to really think about what I want. The Master bedroom. The writing on the wall is actually the vinyl decals from Uppercase Living. And I know...our curtains don't match. It's a long story, but I just had to make do with what I had. I got the duvet on the bed at Walmart for $20. I love it... I would like to change the wall colors to reflect it more, but not sure what I want. This is the chest at the end of our bed that holds all of our bedding. I bought this from a gal at work for $35. It's about 200 years old and came over from England. I love that we have this piece, even if it doesn't really go with anything. Ha ha. I lined it with some old sheets so we could store our extra pillows, covers, etc...This is in our room as well. It's my dressing area. I got the desk/vanity & chair for $65 at a place in town. It's black right now, but I plan on painting it a mocha brown. I'm also trying to find a mirror that I could attach to it. Right now I just use my full length mirror so I can do my hair.
This is our hobby room painted blue. Boy it's bright. The lime green was cute and I think we would have kept it, but the walls were so dirty! I must have really liked blue when we first bought the house.So that's all for now. We aren't really finished with these rooms yet, but I think they're much better than they were. We know that we can't afford huge reno's, but we're taking it as we can. I think the most difficult thing is finding out what our style is. I thought I knew, but I can't seem to make up my mind on a lot of things.


Kim & Ryan said...

Your kitchen cabinets look a lot like ours.

Everything looks great. Love the wall words.

I'm also in the market for a trunk like that for a coffee table

Taryn said...

OMG I WANT YOUR TRUNK!! that is freaking amazing. It is seriously 200 years old? You are so lucky! Have you done any history on the truck? Like who it came over with and stuff? It is still pretty sturdy? Wow. I am sorry- but I love history and I am so jealous. $35- wow.