Monday, November 3, 2008


Oh! I LOVE coupons! A co-worker of mine kept bringing me coupons that she didn't use but knew I would. I asked her where she got them. "The Sunday paper." So... we got a subscription to the Sunday paper. It's amazing the amount of coupons I get! And it's paying off! For the $1.25 I spend each week on a paper, I am looking at saving approximately $10-$15. I know that doesn't seem like a lot, but it is just Phillip and I. If I got to use the coupons for diapers, wipes, formula, children's medication, etc... I'd save much more. Either way, most of the coupons won't expire until January or February of next year anyway! I've given a lot of the diaper coupons to my friend who has a 19 month old and another on the way. I have given my parent's quite a lot of the coupons as well. And as quirky and silly as this is... I had taken the coupons I thought I was going to use with me to Walmart. Sometimes buying the generic is still a much better price than buying the brand name with a coupon. Since I wasn't going to use it, I just left the coupons right next to the items it would be used for. I'm not going to pay that much when the generic is cheaper, but some people are very specific about the brands they buy and I thought I could at least help someone else out. This is the quirky, silly part... It made me feel great! Haha... The idea of helping someone save money gave me like a high. I feel so silly, but I hope that people saw them and used them!
Something I just recently found out is that Walmart accepts competitor coupons and ads from other stores. In IL we have Schnuck's, Shop-N-Save, Save A lots, and Dierburg's. Since I'm getting the newspaper, I'm now getting all of those ads. So like this weekend, I used ads from Shop-N-Save and Schnuck's. One of their ads had the store brand parmesan on 10 for $10. Well, Walmart's store brand-Great Value-was$2.62. I needed 4, so I spent $4 and saved $6.48! All I do is just cirlce all of the items in the ads I want and show it to the cashier before she starts ringing me up. It is so helpful. Obviously I'm trying to find more ways to save $... Sometimes I feel like it's a dead end and then someone tells me something like you can use competitor's ads at Wal-mart! Woohoo! Plus... I still can get all of my shopping done in one place that way. I'm so thankful for that.

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