Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So last night Phil and I went to look at a house. We're not actually looking to sell our house right now or buy a new one. I mean, if the one we saw last night was worth it, we were going to. But when we went it was already sold and we didn't know it. Anyway... The reason we're thinking about all of this is because we'd like to start on having a family soon! And the house we are in now is okay. It's just small and the only room on the main floor would be okay for a nursery, but honestly, I just don't want to be in this house when we have a baby. (P.s.-The pics on our website are OLD! So our rooms don't look like that anymore...)My other concern is that we'll end up moving while I'm pregnant and to think about it is stressing me out already. I mean... that's packing up the entire house! Then there is cleaning and painting the new house. And to me, I don't think painting while pregnant is wise, even if we get the paint with low VOC's... So really, ideally we would move and then get pregnant. So Phil and I have been trying to make that decision as to what's more important? What do we want to do first? Start our family? Or find a home for us to start our family in? Either way, the market is really down right now. And there are a ton of other homes for sale in our town that are not what we want but have been on the market for like 6 months! And then even if we find a home that we like, we have to be able to sell ours and we would need to get what the house it worth at least so that we could move... Oh it's so complicated! All the while, we are wanting to stay out of debt! We're out of it now and do not want to get back in! So... I guess we'll just see how this all works out. I just get frustrated because I keep thinking how do other people do this? How can they afford to do and get all they do? And Phil keeps telling me they may be up to their eyeballs in debt... that may be true. It would have to be! Phil does pretty well salary wise for a 3 year teacher. And then I'm working too! I just don't know where all the money goes? Arg.... Sorry for the ranting.
Anyway, aside from all of that..............
I've been crocheting! I'm working on an afghan right now. I do not think that It will be done soon though. Ha ha... I will have to post a picture of my progress! It's keeping me very occupied while at work. Which is why I haven't really been blogging either. I'm on my 3rd skein of gray yarn and I'm not even a third of the way completed... I am thinking this afghan is going to cost me more than if I would have just went out and bought it! ;o) He he... But it will be hand made by me!
Saturday we're going to Brussels. Brussels is a small town in IL surrounded by lots of country and there's a hotel called, The Whitmore Hotel. It's where Jesse James and his "posse" stayed? It's been kept up really well. Either way they have family style meals and it's SO good! I just love going there. It's been a long time since I've been. We'll also go to the pumpkin patch and Eckert's Apple farm. There are a bunch of little "shacks" on the sides of the road too, that sell things like apple butter, jams and jellies, home-made crafts, and antiques. I just love going! Hopefully I will take some pictures and post them.
I also want to apologize to any readers I may have. I said like 2 weekends ago that I was going to post recipes and pics... I never did. I may never. Ha ha.
This past weekend we went to a youth convention. It was quite a lot of fun! The speaker and the worship band were both great! Our hotel was very ghetto... kind of dirty. But we made due and I'm sure in a year or two we'll all be able to laugh about the time we stayed at the ghetto hotel. ;o) I really got to bond with some of the students. It was a really great time. I did only get 1 1/2 hours of sleep though on Friday night. The next morning I got the largest Starbucks' coffee I could and drank that baby up! He he... It helped me get through the morning at least! I wish we had a local Starbucks. They're so yummy! I wouldn't be one of those who spent $5 on coffee each day, but it would be a great place to go to after work some days or on Friday nights. I miss the coffee house nights Phil and I use to have. We would get drinks and talk and read. It was wonderful. Unfortunately two of the coffee house's we went to both shut down. Oh well. There's one a little bit further from us than the other two were, that we use to go to ALL the time. We just haven't gone in a while. ;o( I guess we should do that soon.
Well... those are all of my thoughts today. I'm sure those are enough to last you a few days. He he...

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