Thursday, October 16, 2008

I have been so distracted lately! I'm not getting a whole lot done in regards to reading anymore or really anything else for that matter. I've taken up crocheting! It is a new love!!! I made both Claire and I scarves. Yes... My puppy has a scarf! Hehe... And now I'm working on an afghan. I'm trying to teach myself, so I thought making an afghan I can try a few different stitches. I will have to post a few pics of the scarves and my process on the afghan. It's a lot of fun and completely portable, unlike my sewing. Of course I haven't sewn since June!! I miss it very much. But summer is always busy. I'll definitely be a in a sewing crazy once January comes. I love the months of April through December. I do not like the others... except for Valentine's day. ;o) But anyway...
Tomorrow Phillip and I are going to a youth convention with our youth ministry. We actually met at youth convention 7 years ago! So it's kind of special to us. I'm pretty excited, mostly nervous. I'm a leader in one of the rooms. It seems I have the hardest time being in leadership. It's like all of my quirks decide to come out all at once and then the girls always think I'm a very strange person. I mean, I am, who isn't? Haha... but it just makes it difficult for me to build a relationship with them. So tonight we'll be busy getting ready for that. I have to work a half day tomorrow, and then we're leaving right after. The convention center is only about an hour and a half away. I'll probably nap. Hehe...
Today on my lunch hour I went shopping. Now I have been trying to stay away from shopping because I always find something I think I need, like today. ;o) I found $115 worth of clothes for just $15! Well, actually it was more towards $20 with tax and I only got 3 pieces, but still!!! I got a skirt and a shirt to match and another shirt/blouse that is SO me! It's kind of hippie-ish looking. ;o) I don't know that the skirt will fit? So if it doesn't both the skirt and shirt that matches will be going back. They're both pink-ish. I'm not big on pink. For some reason I never really have been.
I found out this week that one of our grocery stores will be closing. It's being turned into a Schnuck's so we will still have the grocery store. But it won't be the usual locally owned grocery store. The one I have grown up with. It actually used to be called Country Fair, and then it was changed. I wasn't happy with the name they chose either. But now it doesn't matter. I'm not sure why I have this attachment to the store... nothing really took place there except that I have bought groceries there for most of my life. I'm silly.
Well, there could be more to write, but I'm tired and it's the end of the day and I get to go home soon! I can't wait for home. I love going there. ;o)

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