Friday, October 24, 2008


We received an invitation to a family reunion Thanksgiving this year. My initial thought was, "Oh, no!" My father had to have surgery on his foot this year and was off of work for quite a while. He had to use all of his vacation. The only way we would go to PA was if we drove with my parent's(Flying is just too expensive). They have a big van and between all of us (Dad, Mom, my brother, Phillip, and myself) we could drive the 18 hours there without stopping except for bathroom breaks and one visit to Cracker Barrel (Love that place!)... So anyway, he didn't have any vacation left, so my parent's and sibs wouldn't have gone. Then my mom told me that my Dad had said it would be okay if we went ahead without him because he could stay here with his parent's and celebrate Thanksgiving. I felt SO terrible. There's no way I could do that! So I said that Phillip and I wouldn't be going. BUT!!! My dad's workplace gave him an advance on vacation and so we're going! WOO HOO!! I'm so excited! I love PA! I wish we could move there. I'm sure I've said that before. Anyway... Just wanted to share our good news!

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