Thursday, August 21, 2008


I thought that I would just post a few pics that are pretty important to me!

1 year Anniversary to Branson, MO 6.16.08

This is us in the HUGE rocking chair in Grand Village.

Thanksgiving 2007 in Pennsylvania!
This is the family! We're not all here, but a good showing came!
This is all of us at Thanksgiving Lunch. A very long table!
Phillip and myself... He looks pretty happy for his first time meeting my family! He was kind of nervous, but I think he fits right in!
All of the Grandkids. I know that my grandparent's would be proud.


Claire when we first got her! 8-30-07

This is Claire a little bit bigger! Her ears started to stand up! I loved the floppy ears though...

This is Claire at Halloween!
She was supposed to be a Giraffe.

Claire with her hair really long. I think this is the longest it ever got.

Here she is again!

Claire after her
hair cut with a very thoughtful look. Too cute!

This is Claire's shadow. She loves sitting on top of the couch and looking out the window.
In this next picture, I'm watching the cars go by with her.


The rehearsal

The wedding Party
Phil & I w/the Flower Girls.

So in Love!


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