Thursday, August 21, 2008

Random thoughts...

So today has been really frustrating. The system here at work keeps freezing or knocking us out of the system. And when it's not doing that it's painfully slow. Makes for a very long day.

I got up early again today. My husband and I have been doing this all week so far. I've been up before 6 each day which is amazing! I'm not a morning person at all. We've been trying to work out. I really enjoy the idea that I'm exercising, but I hate mornings!

Today I have to go to a viewing. The person who passed away was a guy I went to school with. He was only 21. We went to pre-school when we were 3 and 4 and then school all the way until our Sophomore year. He started homeschooling then so he could help out more on the farm. It's amazing to know he's no longer with us. He was just so young. I guess it has helped me realize I'm not invincible. Anything can happen. Now I know that God has his timing for everyone. Why it was this young man's?? Not sure. I don't even know if he had a relationship with Christ? I have been dealing with feeling guilty. Maybe I should have witnessed to him more? But I have realized that he was his own person making his own decisions. He knew that he could accept Christ as his savior. There is nothing I could have done. And it's not like we were in each other's lives the last 5 years. The last time I saw him was at least 2 1/2 years ago. I was working at Dairy Queen as drive-thru and he and a friend came through. When I gave him his change, I turned around to grab his food and he threw it back in through the window at me. I was really embarrassed. But that was the kind of stuff that he did. He was ornery but funny at the same time. I don't know if he even believed in Heaven or Hell. Either way, I will be praying for his family.

On a lighter note... I love my dog.
Her name is Claire and she's a Yorkie.
Here she is taking a ride! I just love this little fur ball. My husband told me that this morning he found her snuggled up in my covers. I just think it's so sweet. I'll have to add another picture on here soon. So you can see what she looks like without the wind blowing in her hair!

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