Monday, August 25, 2008

Finding a dream home

My husband and I have just been married a year. We've owned our home for almost 2. We spent most of the first year just cleaning and fixing up the house. Yet, I do not feel at home. Part of it I'm sure is that I lived with my parents in the same house for about 17 years. I moved out 2 days before I got married. So maybe that is one reason I really don't feel at home, but I don't think that is it. Maybe I'm just being stubborn. Either way, I found the most perfect home! I mean, seriously! I found it online just looking at what's even available in this area. You can't really find much unless you're going to spend at least $160,000. That's way over our budget right now. And we're not really ready to move, you know? I mean, we're just starting. But we are thinking about when we're going to have kids and we figure that in the next 2 years we'll probably be ready. I'd love to be settled down in a home where we can raise our children for the bulk of their life. A home where they can look back on and remember so many good things. Perhaps that is why I don't feel at home in our current house. Not too much has happened in only a year's time. So we'll see. I just really hate that this "Perfect" house is up for sale now!!! Can't it wait a couple years? ;o)
Here is the listing:
The floor plan is just wonderful! It's open and spacious. LOTS of windows! Archway passages and the colors in the house are already perfect! Crown molding and hardwood floors. There is a dining room and a huge kitchen!! The laundry room could double as my sewing/hobby room there is so much ROOM! The master bedroom has plenty of space for a nursery when the children would be new born or even a little older. I just so wish it was the right timing. Oh well. I'm trying to remember that Phillip and I are really young. I'm only 21. There's plenty of time to find that perfect house. And who knows? There could be another great house that comes on the market at just the right time. I just wish I felt at home where I'm at. I'm not sure what else I could do to change that. I guess I just need to be patient. Thanks for letting me ramble on and on about this dream home! I know that some people keep their eye on a home for years and years and when it finally goes on the market, they're ready to buy it. Phillip and I hope to be able to put a huge down payment on our new home someday. So... maybe waiting will be a huge benefit. Depending on how long we wait! Yikes!

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