Saturday, August 23, 2008


So it always seems that I have these plans for my Saturdays, and they never come to fruition. It sucks! Today I had planned to clean out our office and guest bedroom and make a pile of garage sale stuff. So we got up at like 9, went back to bed, made lunch, and took naps! Then we went to my parent's house, I cut my dads hair, went swimming, and we had dinner. We ate the left overs from what I made for lunch. It was pretty enjoyable. For lunch/dinner I made a form of carbonera pasta. But I didn't add any egg. It was so good! It had tomatoes, bacon, peas! Yum! And I tried a new alfredo sauce made with cream cheese. Wow! So... overall a good day. I wish there was something I could do to enforce my original plans though. Oh well for now. It doesn't matter for this upcoming weekend. I'll be busy every single day! Our church sells ice cream and cobbler for our town homecoming (carnival/fair). Usually my mom and mother-in-law are in charge of everything. However, my mom is going to Maine for my cousin's wedding to make her cake. I of course can't go, because of finances... But because of that I basically have to take my mother's place. So I'll be scooping ice cream and cutting cobblers. Oh what fun! ;o) It shouldn't be too bad. And it will be good for me to spend some time with my mother-in-law.

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