Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Grace... God gives me so much grace!!! Why is it so difficult for me to give people grace? There is a particular situation I am speaking of. Now, this person is named Dwight. In actuality, this is not her real name. She resembles Dwight from The Office so much though! However, she is not so funny and isn't as much fun. I know that sounds bad, but it's true. She loves our boss, and has an undying affection for our boss and anything our boss does, says, likes, etc... In other words, a major brown noser. I will do my best not to say anything more about this person and their characteristics in the case that a co-worker may read my blog sometime. My point is that "Dwight" is someone who gets so deep down under my skin. Everything done by this person just doesn't make sense to me. There is a lack of common sense about this person and they are somewhat selfish because of the life they have had to lead. I'm sure that God would say the same thing about me though. I lack the common sense to read his word which is usually chock full OF common sense! and I am VERY selfish because I have lead a life I've chosen for myself instead of the life God may have chosen for me. So... God has given me grace in abundance. There is no reason at all for him to do so. I have done NOTHING that would grant me such a gift. And that is that. It's a gift. Something I must simply receive. When have you ever told someone, "sorry, I do not want this gift." I mean, there have been gifts that I may have thought, "Wow! Total garage sale or eBay item in a year or two." But I've accepted the gift. So why, oh why can I not accept this gift of grace? I do believe with as much as I mess up, God has to give me grace daily. I accepted the first couple of times, and maybe every now and then. But it's like there's this back up of grace I haven't accepted. For some reason I want to think this whether it's theologically correct or not... But unless I start giving out grace myself, I cannot accept these other little boxes of Grace from God. It's like anything else... You have to get filled up so you can give out. Well, right now I'm feeling pretty full of grace. Yet I'm not giving it out? I don't know... My way of thinking could be skewed severely. But at least I'm thinking about this, right? Feel free to let me know how you think about it... I LOVE hearing what other people have to say. And no matter what, and, or how Grace "works"... I'm going to try and give grace to Dwight, my husband, even my dog! Ha ha... I think that giving grace is something I should do no matter what. Why not?

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