Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So blessed...

The past few days I have felt so blessed. I've been given so much and deserve nothing. I have a fantastic, supportive husband and a great family. I try to live my life for God, and He has blessed me even though I've been so selfish.
Often I find myself wanting things. Often I find myself wanting to be someone else. Often all I do is complain and whine. All of that needs to come to a halt. I need to be thankful. Of course there are always things I want, but all of my needs are met.
1 Thessalonians 5:18
Give Thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Jesus Christ.

With all that I've had going on this year, I've neglected to be thankful in all circumstances. Despite the fact that it's God's will for my life, I'm sure if I would have been thankful, I would have had a more positive attitude. And of course anytime you have a positive attitude, things seem to get better quicker. Maybe not always true, but so far in my life that's been pretty much true. So today I plan to be truly thankful! Yes I realize this may have been spurred on by thoughts of Thanksgiving which is just a week away... but still. So thank you to all my friends who may read my little old blog. Thank you to those who have kept me in your prayers! Thank you, Phillip for being a wonderful hubby! Thank you friends and family for supporting my spontaneity in starting a photography business! And I hope that this thankfulness continues to be a part of my life. Every. Day.

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Firecracker said...

Great insight! I've been feeling a little Negative Nancy lately too. We have so many blessings and it's so easy to take advantage of all God has given us. Thank you for the reminder!