Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Time Flies...

When you're having fun!
(Warning: This will be a lengthy, wordy post.)
Oh my gosh, this summer has truly flown by. I can't believe it's been a month since I last posted. Technically this is my 100th post! Woohoo!
Anyway, I spent this last month trying to relax and spend time with my hubby. It was kind of busy. His first week off we started on de-cluttering our upstairs rooms in preparation of a garage sale. We have yet to decide when that will be. Garage sales go into the fall season, right? My parent's only had one garage sale when I was growing up and we didn't go to them very often. So I'm not really familiar on all of the etiquette. I guess I'll have to G*ogle that.
The last week in July was VBS at our church. I haven't been able to help with VBS since I was in high school. It was great to help out again, even though I didn't do a ton. Since we work with the Jr. High ministry at our church, that's the age group we had that week. Phil taught the story, I led them in a song each day, and then I was kind of the VBS photographer. That week was also when we made homemade ice cream. Ugh... just the thought of it makes me tired. Thankfully we got a new machine this year. We also made chocolate! It is really good. We'll sell it at our town's homecoming for Labor Day weekend.
The first week of August was spent in Florida! I had never been to Florida before, so it was a lot of fun going and not knowing what to expect. I absolutely love the palm trees. We went to the AG(Our church Denomination) General Council. It was 4 couples(All ministers) and another minister from our church that went and we had a really great time. We rented a house for the week, it was great. Since the men had meetings all day, the ladies got to go swimming and shopping. We didn't get to go to the attractions like Disn*y World, but I am bound and determined that for our 5th wedding anniversary, Phillip and I will be going there. I hope! I've never been and I think it would be a great time to get away if we have kids by then. I got some great reading material while down there and some other ministry tools that I hope I will be able to use in the near future.
This last week we just spent relaxing and getting ready to get back in the swing of things. Phil had school meetings and we found out that they aren't striking!! His school district's contract is up every 3 years. They had asked for a lot on the new contract so Phil was pretty sure there was going to be a strike. It ended up that they aren't getting the raises they were hoping for, but that's okay because striking would be terrible.
Phil went back to school(work) yesterday and so we're getting back in the groove. In fact, it's 10:12pm right now and he's already in bed! I am trying really hard to stay focused and organized. Since I'm not working right now, there is no reason at all for me to slack on chores and such. I really feel called to be the best housewife that I can be. Not many women are given the opportunity to be a housewife and I want to make sure I don't take it for granted. And I know, there are some who would rather die than be at home all the time. I find it invigorating, however, I haven't had that much time to just be at home. Especially with trying to kind of start my photography business! Another reason why I need to stay focused and organized!
I try not to write too much about my health on my blog because I don't know what's too personal? But really, I am learning to just not care because if you don't want to read it, you don't have to. I really want to be able to look back at this for myself. So...
Thursday I had a follow-up appointment. My Dr. had put me on Metformin and another medication that I can't ever remember how to say or spell. I have been taking the Metformin for my insulin levels which are too high and the other one for the "tumor" on my pituitary gland. I had bloodwork done and the Dr. determined that my insulin levels are still too high and so he upped my dosage. I really hated to hear that because the medication makes me feel sick a lot. I'm sure it has to do with what I'm eating, but it's still terrible. Now I have to take the medication 3 times a day with every meal instead of twice. I was already struggling with just eating one meal a day because of the medicine, I just don't feel hungry on it. So that's another hurdle to jump, but I'll adjust. The good news is that my prolactin levels-having to do with the tumor- are very normal now. They had been above 40 and now they're around 3 or 4. He did inform me that there is a risk in getting pregnant since I have a tumor in that area. He said that it shouldn't be a huge deal since he will keep an eye on me during pregnancy, but that I absolutely must inform him of when I get pregnant. Kind of scary, right? I am trying to be relaxed about it though because I know that God has His hand on me. I am going through a lot right now though regarding pregnancy and childbirth, etc... I'll have to post on it another time. Other than that, I'm not getting enough vitamin D which is easily taken care of with supplements. He didn't really say much about the weight issue. Of course I was hoping and thinking that since PCOS supposedly made me gain all this weight, that when I started taking medicine to level everything out that the weight would come off. HA! Yeah right. I am trying to watch what I eat more often though and I'm also trying to cut portion sizes. Phil and I have been more active in the last month than ever! Which is a great bonding time for us. I also got a new dvd to work out with, so we'll see. I should have some results in 30 days if I can keep it up. That almost deserves a "HA!" too... but I'm trying to remain positive. I just started today and my body already aches. ;o( I'm going to push it though! Because even if I don't necessarily lose weight, it's so good to be physically active.
Well... tomorrow is a girl's day out with my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law! I better get some rest! To those who may read this, thanks! ;0)

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Taryn said...

I am with you on the housewife bit. I know that I am really lucky to get to only work part time- and I love it.

How does your family feel about it? My parents don't really like it at all. I feel really good to make life easier for my husband and everything. I don't know. It is nice to know that I am not the only one in the world to be staying home. Although- you did have a real grown up job- and I never have. darn. Mom thinks I need to get a job. But the thing is I don't want one. I am not driven to work like she was. I know it would be good for me in case something happens to Chris- but really? I don't know.

Thanks for writing you blog and allowing me to write to you. I appreciate the community.

(please don't comment about this on my blog- my family reads it- thanks)