Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You never think...

That things like this will happen to you. I was informed yesterday of my results from the MRI I had on Thursday.
I have a large mass on the pituitary gland.
They didn't say whether it's an outright tumor or not, just that it's large and they're concerned. I am going to see a specialist and had to have more blood drawn today. Part of me is like, this is no big deal, it's not a brain tumor. But then it's like, "Wait! This is a foreign growing thing in my head!!" I'm really trying to remember that God has a plan, He has allowed this for a reason. And because He has allowed this, He will help me through it no matter what happens. Sometimes I just want to freak out though and and forget to stand on the promises of God, you know? I'm so blessed that Phillip is my husband too. I mean, you always hope that a husband would be supportive of his wife, but he really is such a caring, supportive husband.
In other news, I got my hair cut. It's pretty cute. Different, but cute.
There are so many other things I should comment on, but I think this is big enough for today. If any of you could please pray for me. Please pray for healing and for guidance for the physicians as to what's the next step.
Thanks. ;o)


Busy Momma said...

Oh Kaitlyn! I'm praying! I know how scary that can be, but you're right... God IS in control!

And I can't wait to see your hair! :)

Taryn said...

Oh no. Oh no. I am so sorry. That is scary. I will pray for you.

Katy said...

How scary! But remember...with God..there is nothing to fear! I will be praying for you Kaitlyn! The dr's and the specialists and medical knowledge they have nowadays is amazing! Keep your faith strong. Getting through the trials of life with a strong faith is so important! Praying for you! xoxo