Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2 Year Anniversary!!

Today is my anniversary! 2 years has flown by. I know that I will say that, no matter what year we are celebrating. This year has been something else. It really seemed to get away from us. I'm trying to remember all that has taken place and it's kind of crazy that nothing really stands out in my mind vividly. Phillip reminded me that we started our 2nd year of marriage off with taking classes from Dave Ramsey. That was a whirlwind in itself. We didn't have a ton of debt but we definitely were for getting rid of what we had and learning as much about money, insurance, retirement, etc... as we could. It has been so worth it. We ended up having to buy a new car in December because Phillip's car died, and that put us back on the debt aspect. However, we are getting back on track now. That too was something that was a pretty big deal for us. We bought a family friendly car! Because we were hoping to be adding to our family!! Things haven't worked out just yet, but we are praying that they will. We were totally going to wait 5 years before having kids. Never would have thought in our 2nd year of marriage we would be deciding we wanted to have children. Let's see.... Oh, Claire turned 1. Hehe. I started this blog (Not that is has been the creative output I thought it would be but that's okay). I quit my job and I've pretty much started my own little photography business. Hmm... I wonder what this next year has in store for us!?
Happy Anniversary, Phillip!
You are my best friend and I'm so blessed that you are my husband!

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Taryn said...

Congratulations a million times over! 2 years is a big milestone. (Well, arn't they all?)