Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Peoria Trip

So this is like 3 weeks late. So much took place in the last 3 weeks and now, it's May! Anyway we went to Peoria for the weekend of Easter. We were there for just Thursday - Saturday. It was so nice to just get away for a couple days. We stayed with Phil's grandparent's. They are awesome. I love spending time with them. The pics below are of our trip home. We stopped at Jubelt's in Litchfield, to get some sugar cookies. Phil loves Jubelt's. He got the bunny, I got the butterfly.
While we were in E. Peoria, we went to Menard's. I'd never been to Menard's, but I loved it! We ended up finding a tv stand and an area rug, all for under $300!! We've been looking for a corner tv stand to replace the beast, and we found it! The rug you see in the pic below was just under $200. It's like 8' x 11' or something. It works great in our living room! It was surely a pain to have in our car with us though. It came up in between Phil and I. I'm so glad we had the Equinox, we wouldn't have been able to take it home!

These next pics are just silly ones...

We had such a nice time. I am ready for another trip! I'd love to go somewhere new though. I guess I will just have to wait. ;o(
I've been thinking about our Honeymoon and our 1st anniversary vacation a lot lately. I think that's why I'm ready for a trip. Unfortunately we aren't going anywhere this year. Phil has to teach summer school until July 22! So that stinks. But we do get to go on a trip in August. So I'm trying to remember that.
In other news, I've shaved Claire again. Only this time it was really short! I bought Phil a beard trimmer a few years ago and he didn't like the attachments on it, so he never used it. I thought I could turn it into Claire's trimmer. The biggest attachment would have left her hair too long, so I used the next one down. Bad idea. You could see her skin! It's already grown a little so it's not so bad. She so cute though and she doesn't get smelly as quickly with her hair short.
Our weekend was a very busy one. We spent the entire day Saturday working in the yard. I have progress pictures to post soon. Tomorrow and Tuesday are Clean-Up days in our town, so everyone puts their junk out on the curb to be picked up. Phil cleaned out the garage and we put the contents of our yard work yesterday out on the curb too. I feel bad for the guys who will be loading the trucks!
I've been fighting my allergies. I was outside a lot this week and so it made them even worse. Wednesday I was outside taking my brother's Senior pics and then of course yesterday. I am on some meds, but it seems like they're not really working just yet. Hopefully by tomorrow they will. I hate these "attacks" that I get in the Spring. Everything else about Spring is lovely!
Well, I better get to bed. I plan on posting about my antique shopping tomorrow!

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Taryn said...

No way! I was born in Peoria, IL!! My grandparents still live there, just outside the city. Glad you had fun. I always think of Peoria with a smile.

Kim said...

I'm only about an hour away from Peoria. Small little world.

And, PS, we (heart) Menards. We are there at least weekly. I'm fairly certain they recognize us there. =)