Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So, I'm slacking on blogging. Oh well. I have a few pics from the weekend. I've been really busy since Friday night. And it seems that this whole week is busy too. Crazy how when it rains, it pours! We took Claire to the vet Monday. She did such a good job! The vet said she is really fit and a very good dog. It made me so proud! He he... I had to go to the Dr. as well on Monday. I will let you all know about that another time. I made crepes, Twice baked sweet potatoes, and Baked potato soup in the last couple of days too. Yum, YUM!
At work we had a birthday/boss's day celebration for my boss. It was really nice! One of the girls I work with is on maternity leave right now, but came in just for the lunch. She brought her little girl who will be 2 in November (she's so cute and so fun!) and her newest little addition! He's only a month and half old. SO precious. I really want to have a baby! ;o)
My sister his going to her homecoming dance this coming Saturday. I'm going to my 'rent's house tonight to try and fix her hair. Hopefully I will find something that suits her. She's so picky. I'm also going to just spend some time with my mom. It should be a good time.
I will have pics and recipes up this weekend hopefully! We don't have much planned except for a hair cut for Phillip. Hope everyone is having a good week!

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