Friday, October 3, 2008

I haven't posted since I think Monday? Wow. I just don't have a whole lot to say I guess. Well, I didn't. Being at work with nothing to do... You mostly sit around waiting for something. It's mind-numbing. I'm ready to lose my mind! I feel like my brain is wasting away because there hasn't been any use of it. And on top of that, when I get home it's like the switch cannot kick on because it hasn't been used. So I don't do anything at home either. I hate that kind of feeling.
At any rate, I have a few things to share today. This weekend marks a couple important dates:

***October 4th - 5 years of "dating" for Phillip and I. I don't think that you should ever stop dating, even after you're married. That's what got you to marriage for the most part anyway! You never stop having fun, and never stop learning more about each other.

***October 5th - 2 years since Phillip asked me to marry him. I thought it was very sweet he asked me to marry him the day after our anniversary for our first date! He says all the time he wishes he would have proposed differently. But I think it was perfect and simple... just like us! (Most of the time. He he.)

So we are going to celebrate! For our dating anniversary we have always went to Olive Garden. Not only is the food superb, it's tradition and we love it. We also love that we seem to end up in the same area each time. I do believe we've sat at the same booth 2 years in a row. It's fun to reminisce about the past year and years before. I know, 5 years isn't much compared to like, 25 years, but at the same time it is! We both graduated, me from HS, him from college. We got our jobs, bought a house, got married, got Claire, had some other tough situations. We did that all together. Sometimes it just seems like we look so much to the future we forget to be thankful for our past and how good God is and how He uses all of that, the good and bad to shape us! Anyway... we will also go to Borders (Phil LOVES books and I'm starting to like them a bit myself!), Hobby Lobby so I can pick up some craft supplies, and also Old Time Pottery. We love to get matching mugs there. ;o)
I'm so excited!!! It's always just so much fun. And we usually dress up a bit, at least for us. We are totally t-shirts and jeans kind of people. I will have to take a picture or two. ;o)

Wednesday we talked about another chapter in Blue Like Jazz. It was called Romance. Basically the chapter is about relationships, intimacy w/your spouse and God/Marriage. It was pretty good. Some people got pretty fired up. They feel that being alone (Single) is a terrible place to be and they hate it. I tried to explain that being single is a time to really search God and find intimacy with Him. To let Him make you whole so that when you go to find your spouse, you will help complete them in such a beautiful way! But I was interrupted and I didn't get to really say that. Oh well. I could go on and on about this. But most people would probably tell me to shut my mouth because I was married at 20 and I don't really know what it's like to be single b/c I had been dating Phil since I was in high school. So I won't go any further. I will simply state, I believe God wants us to be contempt in the place we are right now, only looking forward to what He will bring us so that we won't grow bitter. Because if we are bitter in our place right now, it's not easy for God to do His work in us.

I found a recipe on one of the blogs I just started reading. It is for Apple Creme Crepes. I've never had crepes before. So I might attempt to make them this weekend. I will have to post about how they turn out. Other than that and going out tomorrow for Phillip and my anniversary, there isn't much going on. Just our usual grocery shopping and church on Sunday. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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