Saturday, September 6, 2008

This Saturday...

I got SO much done! Woo! We made our weekly Wal-Mart trip and then went to have lunch with Phillip's grandparent's. They're a hoot. I love them so much. They are your stereo-typical cute little grandparent's but so awesome! Anyway... We bought a new water heater since ours went out and my dad came over and Phillip and him put it in. They also fixed our leaking kitchen sink, drippy bathroom faucet, and installed two lighting fixtures! It was AmAzing! I also cleaned almost every room in the house. I am just so pumped to have gotten so many things done today. Also... I couldn't wait until the 21st to put up fall stuff! Woops?! Haha... My husband said that no one took me seriously about waiting until then anyway. ;o) So yay! I will post a few pics:

This is one of the light fixtures that I had gotten from Amazon. It is SO much better than the light fixtures before! They were very 70's but not cool 70's if you know what I mean. I'm in love with these new ones...

This is of a small wreath I had bought a long time ago. I just love it. Even though this is fake "bittersweet" I think it is so fitting for fall! I don't have anything much for the bedroom, so I thought this would work fine. It still goes with our bedroom decor, but it adds a hint of harvest!

My fall wreath!!! Oooh! It's just so pretty! Phillip thinks it's too much, but I am thoroughly enjoying it. through the window you might be seeing another wreath. I kind of just hung it there for now. It has a little scarecrow on it. I'm not sure where to put it this year? So for now it will hang on the back of our front door. Hehe!

My little turkey! Again... not sure where to put him? Not sure if I should have him out JUST yet. But he will sit upon the bookshelf for now. ;o)

This is on top of my entertainment center. I got these pillar candles and pillars from Cracker Barrel! My aunt works there and she got me a discount. PLUS! They were like 50% off too! Definitely one of my best bargains and the arrangement is just beautiful. The candles smell like Pumpkin Spice. Yum! Below is a picture of the entire top of the entertainment center. My little floral "arrangements" are up there along with some usual stuff I have on top of the center all year. I'm thinking it's too busy... but honestly, who is really going to care it's "too busy?"

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