Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Blog

I have another blog up and running. Well... it's supposed to be about me eventually running.
I'm going to try and get healthy. I mean, I'm not sick or anything. Just what they call extremely obese. And really, I'm not. I am a big woman, yes, but I carry it well. And if you ask anyone what they think I weigh, they usually say something MUCH less than what I am. Unfortunately, one side effect of finding your true love may be comfort. Like since I found Phil, I've gained about 100 lbs. Truly. I'm not saying it's his fault. But I kind of let myself go. Wearing only t-shirts, jeans, I even got to wearing a variation of sweat pants to WORK! Unbelievable, eh? So... I have done more shopping lately, trying to find more appropriate clothing for a young woman. I've gotten my hair highlighted, dyed, cut, etc... I was eating pizza a lot for awhile and now I've kind of cut back a bit. I've been trying to eat more of a variation of foods as well. That can be hard. I'd love to eat a BLT w/mayo every day of my life along with half a dozen of mini chocolate chip cookies! Yum. But... I shouldn't. And so I'm going to try and begin this journey to better health. Right now it seems impossible and I'm not sure how well I'll do. I mean, I really don't want to fail. I hope that if anyone out there who may read this wants to try and become healthier too, you would contact me. Maybe we could be buddies in this journey and push through the thick and get to the thin! He he...

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