Thursday, June 24, 2010

Still here...

And not only am I kicking, but so is the baby!
I had the intention of blogging through my entire pregnancy. You know... the weekly updates, bump pics, etc...
Not so much.
Things are here have been kind of crazy. I'm not going to recap on everything the last 6 months. Really, I don't remember much. Ha! I definitely have "Pregnancy Brain!" The first three months of this pregnancy I slept. AND slept. It was amazing. In a good and bad way. Our house became a disaster, but it was awesome to take naps in the middle of the day! I didn't really experience actual morning sickness much until after the 2nd tri-mester started and it lasted for about 3 weeks. Before that I just didn't have an appetite and felt nauseous. I only started having a baby bump around week 26. It kind of just showed up. ;o) I still feel like I just look "fluffier" than I did and not so much pregnant, but there's definitely a bump there. I started feeling the baby move about the same time. Actually, now thinking about it, I'm sure it was a few weeks before, I just thought it was gas.
I'm now almost 31 weeks and this baby is moving like crazy! Especially late at night or early morning. At week 19 we were supposed to find out the gender but she didn't cooperate a whole lot. The tech said maybe a girl. We went back 4 weeks later because I had a low-lying placenta and they said maybe a girl again. The whole time I had been thinking it was a girl but just wasn't for sure. This past Tuesday we went to get an ultra-sound because I was 29 weeks measuring 35. The Dr. was concerned but the baby is measuring only a week ahead. Not sure why I measured so big? I think she's just really long. Anyway, it was confirmed that we'll be having a girl! The name: Emma Rae! We're so excited. I finally finished the baby bedding today as well. The nursery is coming along nicely. ;o) Not everything I had imagined. But I am a novice sewer, so you can only expect a novice looking bedding set. Haha. So much more I could say, but I just really wanted to put a few things down so that I don't forget. I'll hopefully post pictures of some of the things I've been working on for Emma soon.
Toot~a~loo for now!


Christie C. said...

Oh my goodness! I don't know how I missed your announcement, but CONGRATS! I'm SO excited for you, what an amazing answer to prayer :) I love the name Emma too!

Not sure if you still read my blog but we're expecting our 2nd little girl in October :)

Glad you updated! So excited for you!

Firecracker said...

Can't wait for her to come! Woo hoo!