Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The last few days have flown by so quickly! I haven't had much time to think, let alone blog. Over the weekend I did a lot of cleaning and organization. Of course I didn't think to take any pictures... but at least it's done! We went through all of our cd's and got rid of duplicates and alphabetized them. Then we went through all of our books and got rid of ones we'll never read or have already read and just want to give away. I had like 6 books from Graduation that I think I only ever read 10 pages of each, maybe? Is this terrible, but I might re gift?! We have a huge bag of books and cd's to give away.
It feels to great to get our living room in order. I'll have to take a picture of our uncluttered living room! I will say I think we may have too much furniture in that room. We had so much furniture given to us when we got married. So I guess next on the list of to do's for the living room would be get or make the new entertainment center & work on getting other new furniture (Something I actually like!). Part of the problem is that I don't know what my style is! I love all kinds of things, I just don't know how to put them together. That's why I read every one's blogs...to get inspiration! ;o) The other thing would be getting rid of what we have. Hmm...
This weekend I'm having a partay! Woo! Actually...it's a jewelry party-Silpada. I'm so excited though! A lot of ladies are coming and it's one of the first times I've really had anyone over outside of the family. I know, it's sad. That should be one of my goals for the year... to have people over more often! Sometimes Phil and I are very much hermit-like. We just love being at home together. ;o)
Anyway... off to crochet. I'm at reception today. We don't get a whole lotta incoming calls so it's kind of nice to have time for that. I'm currently working on a hat.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday.

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