Saturday, December 6, 2008

I stole this idea from a blog I read Newly Woodwards. This is hanging above our entertainment center and I really love it.

These are a few pieces of a blanket I'm going to make... I started crocheting back in September and I'm totally addicted to it now. It's a craft you can take anywhere with you and it's so easy! I'm still not great at it, my tension needs some work. But I figure that will come with practice.

This is the first really big project I did. I think if you click on the picture, you can see more of the detail in the gray area of the blanket. I did the most simple of stitches, pretty much to work on my tension. Claire loves this blanket.

My first apron! Isn't it so cute? This was super easy! I bought it at the fabric store. You just buy one yard and it has the directions and such on it. You just cut it out and sew it all together. It was a great pattern though. Below is the second apron I've made. I haven't put the pockets on it yet... but you get the idea... I'll be making quite a few more of these and selling them at a craft sale on the 20th. My whole family is involved and I'm very excited about it.

Below are Moravian Stars... They are usually hung during advent and in general during the holiday season. You can look up the history if you're truly interested... Hehe. But I will dip them in wax and sprinkle them with glitter. They are a beautiful handmade ornament, great for children to make (As long as an adult is the one dipping them in wax. (0; ) for a Christmas project. Anyway... I will be selling an array of these at the craft sale as well. ;o)

This is for kicks... not craft related at all...
My mom got me this giraffe that flattens out into a pillow. I keep it on the couch and use it as additional back support. Claire thought she would mimic it. hehe...

Just too cute not to share! ;o)

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Kim & Ryan said...

I love love love how your ornaments turned out. Awesome.

And, I'm totally digging your start.I would love to make some next year to hang!

and, how awesome is your blanket?? I cannot wait to see how the squares come together. I am hoping to learn to crochet this year!!! =)