Thursday, December 4, 2008

I really just can't keep up with this! I am more interested in reading about everyone else instead of writing about me. BUT there has been so much that has taken place this past month and so much coming this month! I have so many pictures to post I probably won't. Haha... My birthday came and went (I have a few pictures I will share of that event). Thanksgiving came and went (Pics to post from that too!). And a few other little things I would love to post about. Right now I'm very busy making Moravian stars, crocheting, sewing purses & aprons, etc... We're having a craft sale (We as in my family) on Dec. 20th!! I'm so excited! So... there is much to do, much to say, and no time for it! I will do my best to get everything up in the next few days. ;o)

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