Monday, October 27, 2008

Hair Change...

Here I have some highlights. There's probably like 5 different colors here. I said I wasn't going to dye my hair ever again and let it grow out. Then... I could see the roots (You probably can't even tell in the pic. Either way... I wanted to get back to my natural looking, God-given hair color. So I bought a regular box of hair color and tried to get back to normal:

So it's definitely darker. But not drastically I don't think? Either way this is pretty close to my natural color. And as usual with washings it won't look so "fresh" and will fade some. I'm sure in a week I'll be right where I want with the color. And yes, I have said I won't dye my hair ever again... And ya'll know I'll have to, just because I'm me. ;o)
Also.... tell me what you think. Darker or lighter?

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