Monday, September 29, 2008

The weekend was wonderful! Friday night we did our usual grocery shopping. Then we went home and had just a little bit to eat. Saturday was great! We both had sometime to ourselves, I organized the kitchen a bit and Phillip tried organizing his "office" room. I don't think he got much done though. Ha ha... I also made a delicious Apple Tart! It was so easy. I'll try to post the picture & recipe tonight. I got it from the Kraft Foods magazine. You can go to their website and sign up to get a magazine every month I believe. It has so many good and easy recipes! Tonight or tomorrow I'm going to try this Twice Baked Sweet Potato recipe. It looks SO good. I wish I didn't love food! He he. Sunday we had church, my father's-in-law birthday lunch, and Area 58 (Our Jr. High youth ministry) that night at church. Overall it was a nice weekend though. I like it when we have time on Saturdays to do whatever strikes our fancy. I feel so much more relaxed come Monday morning.
Tonight we are going over the budget. I don't remember if I've blogged about it yet, but we went through Financial Peace University ( during this summer. It was SO worth it. We realized how much money we were spending on useless things and we weren't saving at all. Now we are saving SO much. It's amazing. If any of you (Assuming someone other than my husband reads this.)have questions or are interested, you of course can click on the link or you can email me! Kraesc @ yahoo dot com. But anyway, we're going to make our budget for the month of October tonight. For the whole first year of our marriage, we didn't fight about money. But we would talk about how we wanted to save more money but then we never did. FPU taught us so much about finances-working your way out of debt or making sure you never get in it!, insurance, retirement, etc... We started following the guidelines and we've been pretty good about staying with them. We paid for a brand new laptop debt free in August and now we're working towards a trip and a new(New as in new for us. Old for someone else.) car. And it's great to be out of debt. So yeah, I highly encourage anyone and everyone, single and married, EVERYONE to go through FPU.

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