Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Oh my...

That's all I feel like saying today. "Oh my... *sigh*" It's a bit dreary out, but the weather is cool! The weather is making me feel like fall just might be on its way! I love fall! And as crazy as this may sound, I wish I lived in a place where we could call it autumn. Here in IL, basically the leaves turn and fall so quickly it's not much of a season, just fall. But I imagine autumn being a season that lasts from mid-September into deep November! Ooh... I would love waking up every morning for a few months to a crisp air! Sometimes, we have what they call an Indian Summer. I'm afraid this year we might encounter such a "season". It will be mid-October and the temperature will be at least 90 degrees. Ugh... How terrible! Either way, I will hopefully be ready for the fall season! I purchased my very first fall wreath! I've been so antsy to get it hung on the door. But I will wait until Sept. 21st. Which I believe is the official day of Fall. Today I purchased some silk floral bunches and a few little glass vases. I'm going to arrange them and set them in a couple rooms. I also bought little votive candles that smell like pumpkin spice! Yum! They smell terrific!I hope that I can buy a fall flag. We don't have a flag pole, but there is a flag pole holder already attached to the house. Maybe my hubby will let me? ;o)
Well, today over all has been the same as the last two weeks. Terribly boring. Nothing new has occurred here at work and I again don't have any work to do. I did get 2 calls today, but they only lasted about 10 minutes. It's difficult to look busy without doing something you're not really supposed to. That probably doesn't make sense. I'm supposed to look busy, but I haven't any work. And I'm not really allowed to be on the Internet or reading a book. What else am I supposed to do? Well, here I am anyway. He he... online.

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