Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cleaning Out!

Today was a great day! My husband went to a men's breakfast at the church and when he got back, we started cleaning out our office. Well, really I believe it was meant as a nursery since it is so small. Either way, we cleaned out SO much! We also worked on my studio space a bit. I got a lot of things organized. I have a ton of party stuff and I got that all put in storage tubs along with my HUGE collection of purses. We also put Phil's desk in our "office" giving me more room in my studio. I'm hoping to set up a reading area, sewing area, and another work space.
I almost was going to make my sister a dress for her homecoming. I've never made a dress before. I found the most perfect pale green fabric! It was $8.99/yd.! For the amount of fabric I would need, the lining, and embellishments, I would have to spend WELL over $120. Which, if I do enough bargain shopping, I'm sure I can find her a dress for that or under. I once got a dress for $45! Her homecoming is October 11th. I'm afraid that since I haven't worked with that kind of material before, making such a huge project, I won't have enough skills or time to complete it. So I had to let her know I wouldn't be able to make it. She seemed kind of disappointed, but she's only a Jr. I could start working on my skills and hopefully make her a Prom dress or homecoming dress for next year.
After that we went to my cousin's graduation party. It was a lot of fun. I enjoy spending time with family so much. My cousin who is located in Colorado right now came and in brought his girlfriend. I truly enjoy their company. I think we could talk for hours and hours.
Tonight my husband and I parted ways. Well... let me explain. We just didn't spend our evening together. We usually do not spend time apart on the weekends, simply because we enjoy each other's company a lot and we're so busy all the time, Saturday nights are the night for us to stay at home and relax. Tonight however, I was invited to a recipe swap and he was invited to play Poker. (Just to let you know, it was his first time playing and he was playing with his siblings and friends. Money was not involved. We don't believe in gambling, and if you do, that's fine... we just don't have a lot of money, we've got to keep all we can!!) Anyway, so I went to the recipe swap which was A LOT of fun! I don't usually hang out with the ladies... so this was really nice. I made banana nut bread & choc. chip banana nut bread. I will post the recipe later! It was so good though, not to brag, but it really was. One of the girls said she thought Starbucks was really good, but mine was much much better! It made me feel GREAT! I have never really been a cook or baker, my mom didn't teach me. So lately I've been trying to venture out and really get into it. I know that it takes a lot of practice to be good, so it really meant a lot that she was saying it was good, let alone better than Starbucks! Of course, their speciality is really coffee! I know that I can't make a cup o' Joe that good!
So anyway... here it is 1:12 AM! It's been a busy day, or was at least. But it was a good day. And tomorrow we have church, morning and evening services! I am in the nursery tomorrow morning and I'm speaking in our Jr. High youth group for the girls. Usually my husband speaks, since he is the Jr. High youth pastor. But we've decided to have one night a month where we split of the boys and girls so we can talk to them separately and address what it means to be a man of God and what it means to be a woman of God more in depth. I'm very nervous! I haven't spoke in such a long time! So please say a prayer for me! I really want to instill in these young ladies (They're the ages of 5th - 8th graders) virtue, righteousness, and everything written about in Provers 31. I LOVE that passage. I read it everyday as a reminder to my calling. Yes, I may have a calling to lead worship or work with youth. But first and foremost, I have the calling to be a wife and a BIBLICAL wife! Honoring my husband so that I might honor God! Anyway... I have written a book! I hope to get the recipe for the banana nut bread up tomorrow!

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